Mini Plant

Mini Rice Mill Plant
Capacity: 1000 Kg/hr.

Features: Compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, little noise, high yield. it is suitable processing rice in farmlands, towns, grain shops and specialized households. The machine can work well with follow-up equipment, such as husk grinder, white rice grader, rice color sorter, emery/iron roller rice whitener, mist polisher, packaging machine, etc.

Capacity Voltage Speed of Main Spindle Dimension (LxWxH) Weight
1000 kg/hr
1350 rpm
1620 kg
Main Parts

• Single bucket elevator with loading hoppers, drive motors and discharge heads with pipes to connect units in sequence.
• Combined double flat Pre-cleaner with aspirator and De-stoner
• Horizontal Emery-roller Whitener with bran aspirator and cyclone
• Rubber roll Husker with aspirator
• Double bucket elevator
• Gravity paddy separator
• Broken rice grader

Power (24kw)

• Pre-cleaner & De-stoner single elevator: 1.1 kw
• De-stoner blower: 2.2 kw
• Double elevator:0.75 kw
• Husker: 4 kw
• Paddy separator: 0.75 kw
• Rice whitener: 15 kw
• Small rice grader: 0.25 kw

Main Machine Functions:

• Rice De-Stoner Machine
This Machine combines the functions of paddy cleaning and stone removal. Multi-layered, removes stones and dust and other impurities from paddy.
• Rubber Roll Husker
Used for paddy shelling
• Single Elevator
Used to deliver paddy to the De-stone machine
• Gravity Paddy Separator
Used to separate rice and brown rice
• High-power suction type EmeryRoller Mill (Rice Whitener)
Capable of effectively removing the silver skin & the bran layer from dehulled rice

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